Why this is the perfect PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY angle – Proven by SCIENCE


  1. Remember to hit that SUBSCRIBE button… I had a lot of fun making this video, the science is a bit of fun but i really have tried to make a real test for Portrait Photography. Which image do you like best?

  2. interesting! I feel the No. 11 has too much top of the head in the shot, that is probably down to the model but not the camera angle. If for outdoor portraits, I would have to consider the direction of lighting first and then adjust my camera angle accordingly. So maybe you can do an outdoor version as well.

  3. at the minute 7 and 30 seconds he put a subliminal message it says subscribe,
    that's wonderful man the first time I ever see this technique to get more subscribers good job 🙂

  4. How the FUCK did I get to this Dumb ass video, WTF

  5. There is no perfect angle. Everyone has a different shaped head, therefore requires a different angle.

  6. too bad i'm short xD need a stepping ladder

  7. how funny, i always enjoyed shooting a little above people. ;P shooting above is usually flattering, underneath doesn't work for everyone,some it can be artistic with but others it looks really bad,depending on face shape etc. her face shape is dramatic to begin with so certain angles/lighting enhances that . and the above innocent look makes sense, think about kids,we shoot down on them(unless you kneel down) and their eyes look bigger , shooting below people they look like they're squinting more,not so happy. it's funny how angles do this, i noticed these things when i first got into photography

  8. A perfect portrait captures the beauty of the individual which involves embracing their imperfections and emersing them in a respective background.

  9. Science of photography. The damage received by falling off a chair is reverse propertional to the importance of work left to complete.
    A two step (or three) stool will be the least expensive piece of gear in your studio but can save you thousands! You don't bounce like you did as a teenager!!

  10. you are right. nice job, bravo from CYPRUS

  11. I appreciate the work gone into explaining what you were doing, very clean with good video work, thanks for the time taken to produce this in a concise way, cheers

  12. I think an idea for a scientific way to analyze art would be to use the Golden ratio and numerous models averaged out to find the most flattering angles (perhaps workout having the model move her face while moving the camera)

  13. Hi. Just stumbled across your channel when searching for portrait tutorials. As a motorsports event photographer/ videographer I struggle with portraits so this video was great for me. I have subscribed and will be using your channel for reference and entertainment. Keep up the good work sir.

  14. ..WHAT???? Of coarse you like the centers, you're moving away from the light at the edges so your images are going to look dramatic.

  15. Science is at different levels.
    Someone may explain the science to make a good cup of coffee. Big deal, I'm not going to challenge their use of the word science!
    In this case , our gracious host has gone to great lengths to show me something I didn't have to lift a finger to do! And the interesting results, I can decide on.
    He did it using a calculated "street science". This is like a well put together science fair demonstration.
    Lots of measured work. ( Though a bit arbitrary, I honestly don't care.) And showing the periodic table of results.
    Yes, the title is a bit misleading, but if any of us actually thought we found photographic nirvana by clicking here, who's the one who needs a reality check?
    For me, the free demo and results was a free gift, well worth the click, and I thank him for it.

  16. This is such a graet informative video and for free! I am going to put this into practice. nevertheless I am wonder the ppl who dislike this video what do they have to say about it???

  17. man this is really great work and explanation. thank you for taking time in explaining all this in detail. all paid tutorials basically free.. keep up the good work going…. good luck n god bless u…

  18. Hey, you investetd a lot of effort into this video. Not sure if you will always end up with the same conclusion, but it showed nicely what different the different angles make. Thank you.

  19. This is really interesting. I hope you are going to repeat the test with maile model. 🙂 Numer 6 is my favourite!

  20. can i get the original pic of it .. so i can check the clarity as well

  21. talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking the whole time. i skipped to several different parts of this video and listened for a minute or 2 and there was just droning on and on. i didn't get the scientific aspect here. i had to thumbs down

  22. Why should anyone trust you when you show that you're trying to force others believing into something you're not even believing yourself, and you share none of your own opinions?

    People that use the word Science to escape sharing their own opinions, as if the word alone automatically makes everything true. Some people see Science as some kind of magic, and simply assumes Scientist know everything they're doing, so it has to be right. Scientists are humans like everybody else, and humans do mistakes and even fail as well. You have to evaluate each individual individually and each opinion individually.
    Yeah science says this is the "perfect" recipe for perfection, so it has to be right, right? Screw your own heart, right? Never ever simply take what anyone says for truth without evaluating it against your own opinions. Your heart always tell the truth, yet history has shown us all, that not all people tell the truth. No matter how you put it, this video is a total loss anyhow, because you can try asking 10 random people on the street, what perfect really is, and you'll get 10 different answers. Ask more if you want or need, and you'll see how much differences there are. Nobody really knows, because there is no perfection at all, because it's all based on assumptions and too high expectations = recipe for failure. It's all a personal hype nobody really believes in as truth, and nobody really dares to challenge it because "everybody else does it". Perfection is based on greed, thus you will never have enough of it and the finish line just keep moving ahead of you constantly, and you will never get there. It's YOU personally that move that finish line though – nobody else.
    Our attraction is to the natural – Always has been, is today, and always will be, from the day we are born. Why do we as humans get so greedy, really, when everybody know their attraction is to the natural?
    Fear of change. That is what people fear the most. Stop simply reacting to life, and start engaging life instead, because you have full control over your own opinions and what you really want in life. Screw what others do or say, because that is compairing yourself to others, which will make you feel less and less valuable. You will never win that either. Compare yourself to yourself, and find out what YOU feel is important in YOUR life. I don't care what that might be, because you are of course free to chose what ever you want, so all I can do is hope that it is constructive and meaningful.

    Follow your own heart, and never listen to assumptions at all, because they mostly fail. There is no recipe for perfection, because there is no perfection. There should not be a recipe, because we are all different individuals with different values and opinions, and only your own personal opinions matter to YOURSELF. Your own recipe you have had since you were born. It's called your heart, and that is what you should listen to, and evaluate with you conscious mind. Listen to truth, and turn your back to assumptions.

  23. By far the most informative and also easy to master 'When in doubt, SMILE!'
    Excellent analysis.

  24. ugly. yuck.

    you know you can't build a tower from turd don't you?

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