URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIAL – 7 Tips For Amazing Angular Architectural Photography


  1. 5:44 Have you used this photo in another project yet? Thanks for the tips.

  2. Brilliant shots. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Great simple tips 💯

  4. straight on point
    This is what exactly I have been waiting for

  5. Mr. Scott I love this video and I have never shot this type of photography. However I did just return from a trip and used your tips. My question is do you by change give reviews on advice your video tutorials? Thank you

  6. Love that you take warm up shots, I do exactly the same thing! Thought I was the only one

  7. Just subbed. You truly are special. Question, so what if you really need to shoot whole building? Like you are visiting new place and want to show your family interesting buildings, fountains, etc. What is the best way to shoot that? So that they dont look like boring, generic, basic smartphone era quick shot.

  8. Great info thanks so much!

  9. I shoot film only. Warming up would be expensive

  10. Best photography tutor on YouTube

  11. warmin up is from my view no the best advice, its better to put more thinking in what and how you want to shoot and then shoot, thats also how you develop a good eye for motivs.

  12. You have a soothing voice which makes a student feel at ease

  13. I really like your tip on warm up shots, thanks!

  14. A Most interesting video that gave me the push to try urban photography. Lincoln UK doesn't have a financial district so I headed for the modern university. The link is to one of the resultant images for which I used tips 3, 4, and 7; after of course 2. https://flic.kr/p/Z7tQyU . Thanks.

  15. Oh do i recognize those buildings.Its right here in Montreal.I've also taken quite a bit of these.

  16. I've been shooting real estate with my 24-120 and find that the images are better than my wide angle. You say you include too much, which you can crop out, but I feel like the detail is better with the longer focal length. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  17. This was good but it would have been even more helpful if you filmed yourself onsite showing the process of searching for angles and images to take rather than just showing the results.

  18. Dude where are you on Instagram? You'd better consider using it really… ur photos are stunning.

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