1. You have helped me SO much. I am so glad I randomly found this video! I have been struggling so bad with this!!! 2 accounts is what I am deciding on. Thanks for the pros and cons! -subscribed

  2. Hey Jessica. I main landscape photography on my account, but lately I've been shooting portraits. I'm thinking if I should create a new account just for portraits? Or how do I blend it into my main landscape account? Cuz my landscape editing style is different from my portraits which were all shot on analog camera. Please help!!! Thanks! 😉

  3. Hello, I'm really interesting in creating my own site, I was wondering what service or provider you use?
    Thanks heaps, Sarah.

  4. I found your channel 2 days ago and I can't stop watching your videos! You are so cute and sweet and I love your work! I am not a photographer but I love your tips <3

  5. you're just, so amazing!

  6. I have two separate accounts because my personal account photos are not as consistent and the quality is not alway great (some pics of me an my bf and pics taken with iphone) but after seeing this I don't know what to do. My photography account doesn't have that many followers not even 100, as it's quite new. The question is: Should I redo my whole personal account to make it pretty and better looking or should I add some more personal stuff on my photography account(atm it's only beauty portraits)?!

    great videos as always I am glad I found your channel

  7. Quick question! who takes your picture for you? As "the photographer friend" I find that when I get other people to take my picture it comes out considerably less quality than i anticipated. This makes me hesitant to merge my two accounts because of the quality gap between my work and pictures of me.. Also, great channel and content!! You are v helpful!

  8. Omg I asked this to you on insta direct I'm so gratefull! Ily!! ❤️

  9. Yes I did that and this is very helpful

  10. I can't manage more than 1 account………..too much work!

  11. I personally decided to have 2 separate accounts only because I am very private about my personal life but I do get wanting to have a personal touch to your business side as well.

  12. I love watching your videos.Youre great.And beautiful too.ROLLTIDEROLL

  13. This was so helpful! I have been debating this question a ton lately! Thank you for sharing your tips! I have decided to just do 1 IG for everything!

  14. your website isn't working

  15. So glad you made this video! I was wondering if I should make another account!

  16. Jessica is back at it again with the fantastic and useful videos.

  17. Thumbs up before even watching ur vid! Aayyeee!! 😎👍

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