Seascape Photography Cheats, Tips & Tricks!


  1. In video ads? Even though I pay YouTube subscription? Reported video and thumbs down from me. Douche!

  2. I've been waste high in the sea here in Valencia with sharks near bye. Didn't even know until an old man who was ruining my beach shot by waving continuously finally got me to come in. It was an OK shot though at a very high shutter speed of the water motion blurring the sleepy beach town and golden dunes. Always learning, eh.

  3. That was incredible shoot, like the picture πŸ‘

  4. This guy is a real pro. Almost bring photography up to alien level

  5. Can you explain "exposing for the bright sky and exposing for the rocks??? I've heard this before but its never been explained…thank you

  6. Khal Taylor, Drogo's cousin down south! πŸ™‚

  7. thank you Karl! some great tips you have here πŸ™‚

  8. very like your ideaΒ which water the rocks.Β  so cute

  9. Thank you for replying πŸ‘πŸ»

  10. hi karl, im using nikon d7100 and planning to get a fx lens before i upgrade to fx camera,
    im choosing between nikon 16-35mm f4 or tamron 15-30mm 2.8,
    i love shooting landscape and people and street photography,
    which lens is better? thank you in advance

  11. What about wearing boots?

  12. Safety tip: Know about incoming and outgoing tide times! I've seen too many people get knocked off their feet onto sharp rocks πŸ™‚

  13. Thanks Man! very useful πŸ™‚

  14. I was thinking this was a new video until that spot for the shot came in and I knew about the bucket trick before it was mentioned plus the use of the 5D2 still a nice video, this must be on one of my DVDs I have of yours

  15. what shutter speed n aperture you used?

  16. THIS is why I love Karl, he explained everything he does and why, and that helps us out who don't know the why's ha, this free information is just amazing, kids now are so lucky to have this social media unlike when I was a kid I had a comadore 64 lol

  17. This is a nice video

  18. is it worth shelling out 700 quid on some lee filters on my D7100, I have a passion for long exposures and creating blurred water effects but am fed up with filters that don't fit my lens, I was looking at the pro filter kit on your website for my needs, but is it worth forking out foras they are worth more than the camera it self?

  19. what's the make on that tripod?

  20. What lens does Karl recommend for landscape shots 16-35mm f2.8 or f4?

  21. What will you do knowing exactly where the sun would set eventually? Isn't the position of Sun at the time of taking the photograph more important?

  22. Prime example of why i love my 6D for landscape shots…remote trigger and liveview with my smartphone.

  23. funky music! Can you tell me where to get it? Tanky you for your great Photo Courses. I just subscribed and now want to dive into your website…

  24. Hey, Karl. Thanks for the informative video. Glad you didn't drop the polarizer this time.

  25. Why do almost all pros use cable releases instead of remote ones? (Holding them right in front of the camera…) … Or wifi-based solutions. That would be even less mechanical contact with the camera and you don't need to wind the cable around the tripod to keep it from swinging around. (And then retrieve it everytime you want to take another shot…). Am I missing some obvious downside to wireless solutions?

  26. Just out of curiosity how did you know it would set at 256 degrees? that's very handy, thanks

  27. Whats the tripod you are using?

  28. Karl… can I ask what the make of bucket was..? and do they make them in different colours..? also are they made to fit in standard camera bag..?
    Thanks. :+)

  29. thanks you master Karl Taylor

  30. Great video Karl, I love your studio work but have a preference for your outdoor landscape more so. Thanks for the advice, one thing I'd like to ask, I'm on a tight budget, where can I get a good polarizer? Β£145 quid for me is a huge cost. Any help would appreciated.

  31. I've watched a number of your video.s now Karl where your down at water's edge and getting soaked….in case you aren't aware, you can buy water proof footware that go all the way up to your knees and beyond..They have a variety of names, like gum boots, water boots, waders, etc…..might be an idea to invest in a pair… Sorry couldn't resist bring that to your attention…

  32. Is the polarizing filter a must? I'm trying to get into landscape photography and going to invest in the LEE filters system soon. However, these filters are not cheap and my decision is to purchase the ND filter "Little Stopper" along with the filter holder. I see that the 105mm lee circular polarizer is $300. That's the cost of the ND+holder.

  33. Great video, great insight. Lovely image too!

  34. I love your channel Karl, thanks.

  35. Thank you for telling me ABOUT the tripod, now can we know make and model please!!

  36. Nice tutorial! Thank you!

  37. what are you using to detach your neck strap quickly from your camera ?

  38. not afraid to get a lil dirty…much respect and inspirational…thank you for sharing.

  39. very nice but next time try to use Fabienne as a mermaid in the puddle…

  40. The sun rises to the east and sets to the west.

  41. Great result but a Nikon D810 would have given those 2-3 stops of DR to just get the sky and the sun right.

  42. hi. How do you meter your landscapes with the Canon? Evaluative metering? histogram? thanks
    I just noticed, u were braketing

  43. Superb! Very informative. Could you please do a video on colour spaces and soft proofing? I'm interested in learning how you manage to accurately manage colour when displaying for print or screen. Thankyou.

  44. That's an Awesome tripod. What brand & model is it?

  45. Great video Karl. Awesome tips. Grad & ND filters are truly a landscape photographer's best friends.

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