Photography Tips: Location Light and Composition


  1. hello Mike, i've watched all your vids they are amazing and they are very helpful…. thank you … nice work …… greatings from Holland

  2. What are these model photos used for? A layman like myself take photos of friends and relatives, but I haven't ever intentionally taken photos of other people. How do model photos tie in with the business of a professional photographer?

  3. "There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept." Ansel Adams 🙂 I'm really enjoying all of your videos…they've taught me lots of new things. Thank you!

  4. you need to use a prime lens for these kind of photos, not a telephoto lens

  5. Thanks sir, I love your videos and Your using Normal DSLR with basic lens. No need Expensive lenses. Taking photography needs good angle and understanding subject, wawoo great sir. After watching you're videos I have CONFIDENCE to take good picture with any place any Situation. Tanks lot Sir. 👐 Hands off Sir….

  6. I don't understand why you are so far from the subject. Which one of your videos explains the optics for that that technique?

  7. Different look. Sharp as a tack. Almost like a tux.

  8. sir what is your lens model? and thank you for informative video

  9. Make a video on children and newborn outdoor photography please. 

  10. You should have got something with that duck or geese around 9:06.. lol

  11. Sorry Scott Randall I can't reply directly to your comment – you need to check your G+ settings to allow me to. Your question -"Can you elaborate on when you say "I'm exposing for Abbie". Are you spot metering or Eavaluative/matrix metering?" 

    I use evaluative metering all the time and where needed adjust the exposure from what the camera 'thinks' is 'right' – to what i want it to be. In this case I wanted Abbi cleanly exposed and to let the background blow out a bit.

  12. I´m very glad, I found your very interesting videos, I learn so much. I just want to say: thank you

  13. I'm still fairly new to the world of Photography. I will be taking my Nikon D3200 with me to the Lake District later on this week to get some photographs.
    I'm very glad I found your YouTube video as it was very informative with regards to lighting and how to use it to your advantage. I will of course put this in to practice on my little holiday away.
    A huge thanks, Mike! I very much look forward to your future videos.

  14. Hey their I have a question I recently took a photo class and was dropped accused that the pictures were not mince. I had to submit 10 photos black and white but didn't know how to do that in my computer so I send them to myself through Gmail to my phone to do that and then send them back. But for some reason 3 picture came out as PNG so he dropped saying that that wasn't my work. But from web. I have all proof my camera the original picture my memory card everything but he doesn't want to see them. Can you please explain to me what PNG means ?

  15. good stuff, thank you…

  16. Hi  mike great video but have a question, you exposed for abbey but what happens if the back ground is too blown out I have had this problem when shooting in Thailand. I sometimes use a fill in flash but when shooting with a long lens it does not work

  17. Great vid Mike…once again, I learn something every time I watch a video that I haven't seen…Thanks so much for you dedication..You're a great instructor!! Keep it up my friend!

  18. can I send for you some of my photos I want your tips in them.
    this is my gmail if you accept my request

  19. yes a photography teacher told me that it is not good for your camera because its not FF sensor, I want a lens that have the same quality. What do you think about 85mm? Oh god please Mr.Brown help me :(

  20. But someone told me that is not good for my camera because it's not a full sensor so what I can do?

  21. Hello Mike I have canon 70D and I want to buy 24-70mm lens what do you think about it, I like portarie, Landscape and nightphotography

  22. I'm thankful for people like you exist on earth and thanks for your videos. Everytime i watch your videos i wanna shot more pictures. im from mongolia. I wanna ask you one thin. Could you make this video again please but this time choose person that has darker skin. Like african or indian people. Thank you. God bless you and your family. Sorry about my bad english.

  23. @Mike Browne, this is a great video! I have learnt a lot about photography. Cant wait to see more of your stuff great job, keep at it. 

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