Outlawing Photoshop & Group Photo Tips


  1. Great video you guys! Loved the chemistry. I thought it would be better when you talk about the photos (like the one with the boxer in the cage) that you show the photo, talk about it a little bit and then SHOW the photo again. I kept wanting to rewind the video to see what you meant with the photo. BTW you gave me a great idea on giving back. I get in touch with a local hair salon and offer a photo shoot to women who donate their locks to charity. They give to people who need a wig and I give to them by photgraphing them for free after their haircut. I don't know. We'll see. If I do it I'll send you one of the photos (before and after). Just curious Katherine (wow you remind me of my older – by two years – sister) you said when shooting groups you like to bump up the aperature. Is that higher than 5.6 like maybe as high as 7.1. God bless you both. – Christopher Soulé – The American Photographer in Brazil

  2. I used to photoshop a lot of my friends pictures when I was younger, I did for no fee or just a beer and only for my friends, and now I could easily make a good deal of money professionally by doing so, however I do believe that if you want to look "better" in a picture you should just try to look that way in real life, and the best way to do that is to eat healthy and exercise, so I would really be in need of money to offer such service.

    Regarding the "anti-photoshop" legislation ,  I can't say that I am completely against it, . I do think  if anything is gonna be altered  in advertisement it should have a clear disclaimer because otherwise that would be clearly false advertisement and that as far we can tell this sort of false advertisement is clearly having a negative effect on society. However this should be only a part of a more wdie  effort to educate the general public about what is done in advertisement as a whole, which will eventually lead to more realistic parameters of beauty.

  3. Loving this weekly show. Great interaction!

  4. Enjoy watching this informative "Monday" version. Especially Katherine's input.

  5. no, i dont need clutter

  6. I would not store the JPG's…. if you have to edit the image again – just work with the RAW.   It will just slowwww your computer down having them on it.

  7. I consider jpegs as copies of my RAW-Files (or PSD-Files) that are produced and given away, when needed. But I don´t keep them on my harddrive. And yes! Kathy brought new life and energy to your show, Greg. It´s great to see good friends having a good time together. Please keep it up. I still like to be a Cazillion 🙂 Best regards!

  8. On the Jpeg matter, I consider my final Jpeg to be the absolute end to that photo and the exported file is the result. So with that in mind, I have a folder with all of my "finished" photos but I also have the RAW's on other drives because, hey, 1TB is < $0.10 a gig.

  9. As far as that Photoshop crap goes, why doesn't the goverment worry bout the economy, illegal aliens, cutting gas prices and taxes..  Good grief!

  10. I can't stand a cluttered desktop, I only have 1 folder and 2 movie clips I'm working on for slideshow.  Then just my dock.  As far as what files I keep, I just keep my RAW images, no jpegs unless its for clients, which I really don't have much off to begin with.

  11. The thing about the retouching is that when you are with a person talking to them you don't see every little mole or blemish so the retouched photo is actually more representative of way the person looks than one that is just a xerox that shows every little flaw in obscene detail.  Now using the liquify tool to reshape the body is may be going too far IMO but no retouching s not real either.    Besides if they want a new truth in advertising law they should address the fast food ads the show a perfect burger that in no way represents what the food will actually look like.

  12. Great show as always!
    Kathy is really putting a lot into the show, just support her as always (maybe even more in outtro etc? 🙂 ) and let us see her shine 🙂
    All the best!

  13. Hello Greg, I've always liked your show, and now, with Kathy on board, it is even better than it used to be. 🙂 You two are so comfortable together, like really good friends.
    And the way Kathy obviously (and rightfully so) looks up to you as a photographer is adorable. 😉

  14. Greg reminds me of Ron Perlman.  Some great advice.  Thanks both :)

  15. As of keeping files, I have 3/4 copies of my files:
    – 2 copies of Raw and Jpeg (on external drives)
    – 2 copies of Jpeg (one on the local drive, but only the last year ones and one on a little external drive)
    Because it happened a lot that I had to retrieve a photo without having too much time to going back to the Raw.
    I'll think about deleting the Jpegs when I won't have enough space.

  16. More than losing files on a card I usually loose the cards completely… As of today I lost a 16GB and 2 4GBs.

  17. I keep  my exported files as I chiefly take photos of family or travel and regularly get requests for additional prints or electronic copies.  The storage is less of a hassle than re-exporting the files.  I DO keep them separate from my raw files.  Thanks for the education you provide in your show.  Keep it up.  Keep that Azar chick.

  18. Great show with Greg and Kathy. I have really enjoyed the recent shows with Kathy. There is still plenty of good information, but now there is an element of humor. Greg doesn't seem so…. monotone and stiff. I hope Kathy stays on (if Greg doesn't insult her anymore…. like the last name bit).

  19. I do not save the exported JPEG once I have uploaded/burned them. Before each export of the JPEG I save a snapshot with the time of export and a 3-4 word description in the title of the save.

    For example lets say I uploaded an image to instagram or facebook i would date it and put LowResFBupload. So if someone sends me a message and decides they would like a print of it, as I don't sell every image I post on Facebook, I can simply go back and look at the version and re export it for printing (higher res). 

    I found this as the best practice so I don't require so much time to store and saves costs for cloud storage if you decide to go that route. 

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