Off Camera Flash – Guide Numbers and Watt Seconds- Strobist Photography Tutorial #3


  1. where's the ideal position to have the catch light in the eyes of the subject.l?

  2. So far you have the best explanations for these things in this media. pls do more lessons. thanks

  3. Joe, this shit is indispensable. It's clear, comprehensive and entertainingly delivered. Top marks.

  4. Hey. Great review, both parts are really informative, easy to understand when you trying to decide what type of flash is possible to buy, what do you need to consider and all other stuff. I was totally newbie about flash units, now after found your videos, I can decide and understand what do I need. Thanks a lot!

  5. You're a great educator! Relevant, succinct, info packed, clear presentations!
    You should issue books! Have a writer transcribe points from your videos, you then fill in the gaps, add more info and structure the flow of the book.
    Leave legacies for the photography community!

  6. I watched parts one and two and I found them very helpful — even though I have been researching lights for many weeks! You present a clarity of thought and decision making that clears the fog. Thanks!

  7. thank you for your words sir, I have been so hesitant on purchasing any sort of lighting. you are amazing.

  8. very informative and helpful thank you for your videos.

  9. Hello Joe. But How many shoots f8 200 ISO can speedlight give with a external battery? ¿Can it keep shooting 5 hours session (about 400 shoots) whitout batt recharging? Thanks

  10. Very good tutorial thanks you

  11. I never use for my Bowens or my speed light at full power – We don't need it – as with "we" I mean all of us – manual speedlight I use them a t 1/16 of power and I get to shoot about 600 photos with this setting with 4 rechargeble AA battery – and with my 500 watts Bowens I set it at the half of the full power – I Find my self confortable acting this way – and my flash last for a longer life – but very often they fall down on the floor and their life is poor due to my fault to make them falling down – Any way I like your video a lot and the 960 thumb up is mine .

  12. Finally I found a simple explanation about the watt per seconds from studio strobes. Great video, as a lot of your videos are. I learn a lot from them. So remember, your next video is your best video. So keep filming, keep posting and stay teaching.

  13. Hi Joe, how do you meter your flash in the umbrella shown at the end of the video? Was it for fill? Thanks

  14. Thank you, this is one of the best videos on this subject!

  15. hi sir am a wedding photographer please guide me which light us good for me ?

  16. yet another excellent tutorial !! thank you +Joe Edelman

  17. oh & i truly appreciate your passion which comes across !

  18. Hey there Joe !! love your videos ! thanks a bunch !

  19. I found these two videos regarding Speedlight vs Strobe extremely helpful and enlightening (pun intended). Thanks, Joe!

  20. EXCELLENT presentation and VERY Informative!

  21. I have a Canon 80 paired with a 100mm L 2.8 macro IS lens. I have purchased a reflector but I do not have a speedlight yet. I want to practice shoot headshots outside (I do not have the space right now) and I have been searching this lumopro you suggest but it seems it's not sold here in Italy both on amazon and ebay. there's another brand I may look for? Thanks in advance.

  22. Thanks for the awesome video Joe!

    Just wanted to chime in that as an inexperienced photographer wanting to set up some studio lights for tabletop work, and maybe some portraits at some point, I decided to buy some Pocket Wizards and speedlights.
    There are a whack of film camera speedlights that may not be TTL-able at all or with modern cameras for cheap. I bought 4 older flash units – identical, electronic – that let me adjust the power easily, and some older PW Plus II triggers – I think I paid an average of $50CDN for each. Soft umbrellas and stands from the world's internet marketplace, and I have a pretty respectable kit assembled over a period of time. Probably into it for $600 CDN or so now total. That's for 4 speedlights, the PW radio triggers, stands, boxes, umbrellas, brackets etc…. I paid the same for my one OEM dedicated speedlight. Just saying… It is an economical way to get started.

  23. Great 3 video series on flashes vs mono lights. Thank again Joe. I'm going to buy the Adorama 320m with an umbrella with your link.

  24. I love the video – very, very clear. Can you help me understand something about my Elinchrom monolight? I have a 400 w/s monolight, and it offers a "5-stop power variability" – on the back of the unit, I can dial in from as low as 2.0 up to 6.0. I'm assuming that's the number of stops of light it provides. But if I get their 100 w/s moonlight, it says it also offers a "5-stop power variability." I was under the impression that stops weren't relative. I understand that the 400 monolight is not necessarily producing a flash that is 4 times stronger than the 100 w/s, given what you've said here – plus there are some other factors, including recycling time. Ultimately, I just need to know, if I had both lights, and set the digital reading to 2.0 on the back, should I expect the same results from each monolight in terms of light output? Is there another factor that I'm missing? Also, if I have the light set to 2.0 and put two stops of diffusion material in front of it, does that neutralize the light? Thanks!!

  25. Thanks for the breakdown regarding the specs surrounding moonlights vs speed lights. Great tutorial.

  26. Very much enjoy all your videos. Thank you for producing them, much to be learned from them.

    FYI fun fact: The etymology of anxious is from the Latin word angere, anguere "choke, squeeze", thus the word anxious has a scary beginning. Also, Latin anxius refers to "uneasy, troubled in mind, anxiety, and the like". In addition, anxiety ultimately comes from the Latin angō, which means “I cause physical pain” or “I torment, trouble, vex, or distress. Thus anxious and eager are at polar opposites. Hope you enjoyed the anxious fun fact.

    Oh, enjoyed your egg video as well, and I am looking forward to seeing your next video.

    Cordially and respectfully submitted.

  27. Really good tutorial, you explain things so naturally 🙂

  28. oh wow, you are super good in this. Question: I've using somewhat mediocre strobes like Jinbei HD600, I really curious what the real differences is to Profoto which is like 7 times more expensive, everybody says quality of light, but to be honest the times I shot with it, I don't see real differences. So why the heck are people paying those big brands when the differences are subtle.

  29. Great video! I rent a suite in a salon and take photos of my work on backdrop paper with one studio light (alien bees 800). Although I like my one light set up I would like to know with such the tight space can I get away with using my sb 800 with the same umbrella? I've only set it up once and failed!

  30. Thanks again Joe great videos and info!

  31. Joe you are a life saver!

  32. Joe – you made a comment that you no longer use Nikon speedlights because they REQUIRE line-of-sight IR for off-camera triggering. I may not understand all the details behind your model demonstration at the end which might give me the answer to my question, but I'm using SB 900's with a D700 AND Yongnuo radio transmitter/receivers and everything works fine. Please explain.

  33. Awesome learning session!!

  34. Subscribed! I am sorry its clear toe yet….recycling….means that I can shoot how many pics my camera allows in 1.5 seconds? For Ex. I own the Sony a6300 it shoots 11 pics per sec….Is that right? or am I confused? Thanks for your answer!!!

  35. This was a very good educational tutorial. and Thank You!

  36. Another good video. I miss spanish subtitles like the anteriors parts about this topic. But I understood most.

  37. Great info Joe. I recently discovered you and subscribed. Going through your other videos now.

  38. Wow, a proper video series worth watching and subscribing, one that is not "all about me"… but goes straight to the message and provides solid information. If I ever want to start a youtube channel yours would be the one I emulate, I am Impressed and offer my gratitude by swiping over to patreon.

  39. That's why I went with Alien Bee's Digi Bee's cause Paul C Buff has always been very reserved in their power output. So for the money, yeah it's hard for me to justify a ProFoto B1 or D1 setup. Even though I know they are pretty powerful as well if you want the absolute best.

  40. Thanks a lot for your time and explanation , could you pls make comparisons between Elinchrom light and modifiers vs

  41. Great video…let me ask you, are you Hispanic?

  42. i've used a 320m since 2008. Lotta bang for the buck. My only critique about your vid would be how the different bits of kit work with modifiers.

  43. Thanks for theese great videos. Speedlite felt like the best option for me so decided to go with a Canon Speedlite 430 iii-rt. Haven´t had time yet to testdrive it but will give it a go pretty soon 🙂

  44. Good information to think about.

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