Lighting Tutorial: Soft Light vs Hard Light, Diffusers, and Reflectors for Photography


  1. Love your videos Tony, your so knowledgeable and great at explaining different concepts

  2. I know that this is going to be vague but I'm at a loss with the info overload on the internet. I'm trying to get my first light set maybe a kit, it's for portraits etc. lighting is what is holding me back (I have no dedicated lighting for photos right now) I'm trying to start somewhere spend 150-250$ roughly just to get me going I plan to build onto it. So is there any advice anyone could give me to point me in the direction of a kit or anything along those lines? Btw I have plenty of room for a little home studio but being somewhat mobile when needed would be a plus.
    Thank you to anyone who can shed some light on this much appreciated!

  3. This was the most helpful video ive seen on demonstrating light sources. I can honestly say Ive come from this video feeling a bit more comfortable with experimenting with light sources.

  4. in 4:44 you mix it up right? when it come to close its harder. not soft

  5. Thanks for this one, very helpful.

  6. thank you and more powers very helpful!!! cheerssss!

  7. Great video I love your simple English , it's easy to understand for us non-native speakers!

  8. Using a plastic mannequin won't replicate accurate results as the plastic acts as a bit reflector, it's nothing like human skin.

  9. Is your 640w umbrella your key light in this situation?

  10. Awesome Tutorial! Thank you


  12. Subscribed. Thank you for the help Tony!

  13. thank you, <3 no one on youtube has ever taught me this much hahaha
    <3333333 !

  14. What really caps off an already good video is how you end it by telling us that no matter where we are we should always be aware of what light is doing in a scene. Thanks.

  15. superb video, thanks guys.

  16. Thanks for the video Tony. Excellent tutorial. I really enjoy your videos.

  17. Awesome video! Great info.

  18. This is my first time tuning into your channel and I must say, I really just enjoy the warm tone of your voice 🙊 It's so pleasant to listen to, and of course, all of the information you are sharing is so helpful and wonderful! Consider me a fan 😊

  19. Always appreciate your lessons, you teach things in a way that makes more sense and logical than most experts.

  20. Hello Tony love ur videos and how u guide thru…. need your help. I was shooting pics under a tent in harsh sunlight. I tried to use all possible settings i could. my exposure was fine as per the meter. But the pics came out dark. real dark skin tones. While framing the pic harsh sunlight killed most of my pics as i was taking pics in the tent. So my pic would have the subject really dark in the center and side would be real bright due to the harsh sun…..Please please advice

  21. Another great tutorial. Thank you, Tony!

  22. Tony, new sub to your channel. I own a fine art printmaking company in Vancouver called Fidelis Art Prints, and I'm looking for some camera and lighting advise for capturing artwork. Any suggestions??

  23. a great video….explained

  24. Thank you! I have looked at so many videos. And this one gave so much info. Simple and straight to the point.

  25. Sir, i wanna ask where u got your Diffuser ? Pls. i wanna know.

  26. very helpful video Sir. thank you :)subbed!

  27. I really like your genuine, down-to-earth, logical presentation. Thanks for making these videos for us!

  28. love your work man, you voice tone is soothing and makes it easy to pay attention.
    keep up the good work.

  29. Thanks for this informational video!! It was very helpful for this newbie

  30. I need to shoot outdoor full length portraits. What's the best, affordable strobe setup using ac power?

  31. @Tony Northrup – Exactly the video I was looking for and first thing to pop up; thank you very much.

  32. Been looking for this for a while– a wonderful no-nonsense explanation of lighting basics.  Hopefully I can apply these principles successfully to my next vid.  Thanks!

  33. Thank you for this video, Tony.

  34. Why can i only hit the like button once.

  35. good explanation n easy to understand .As a beginner photographer am learning all my skills from you tube like you.Whats the blue print to getting good portrait  pictures indoor.Is it trial and error until you are happy .How do you position your umbrellas ,speed lites for good effects???

  36. Awesome! Great explanation for a beginner graphics programmer. Just simply put and easy to understand. Thanks a million! I have to look for other sources of explanation because books sometimes are not straightforward.

  37. Hi TONY! Thanks for share this! You aré awesome! Can you Tell me please What size of reflector are you using ?

  38. You explained lighting very well. Thank you.

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