Landscape Photography for Beginners


  1. Bumcherries! LOL That's it! I've completely lost it now! LOL and you don't half look a bogger in that ear warmer thing! lol

  2. Hey Gavin, really big fan of your vids, have binged watched all of them now. Quick one, what is the camera bag that you use….

  3. Always a good laugh and lots of cool tips! Cheers Gavin.

  4. Wonderful tutorial Gavin, two thumbs up to Catherine, she is a great student. You two have a comfortable banter, give/take on screen presence. More of her please.

  5. I liked it, Bruno told us about Gavin and I’m happy he did. Thanks for the lesson.

  6. I would bingewatch but I can change my underwear only so many times per evening.. You should get your speech prepared for the funniest-youtuber-awards!! Please go on 🙂

  7. Wait … No! 5:24 I guess we all expected a different ending :-p
    As always, epic video !

  8. Gavin! Truly hilarious, hoping Catherine shows up in future episodes (please don't tell Uncle Grumpy I said that…). Took a few moments to read your 20 in 2 Blog entry, worthwhile tip, planning to shoot them in jpg on the second card to make the test shots even more disposable. Thanks for sharing and Cheers from BC!

  9. Jesus. Please. Stop it. Just. Stop.

  10. You’re a goddamn comedy god Hardcastle!

  11. Isn’t it funny how the world of photographers tell you to be individual and stand out, yet YouTube photographers appears to be just following each other….still, makes a change from square space.

  12. Now this is fun and educational at the same time 👍and you two have good chemistry

  13. Hey I have that bag too!

  14. Im curious about the benro tripod you're using. Struggling to find it with the flip locks. Could you tell me if those twist locks are just 1/4 turn locks? Its difficult finding a lightweight strong tripod.

  15. I am on facebook if you want to keep contact 😉

  16. Hi there, i am photographer in Rouyn-Noranda ( Quebec ). This years or next years i will moved to Nanaimo. I will be happy to see you.

  17. Great video start to finish. I love the humor, some instructions, and then the finished product. While fun and games are involved, the end product is certainly professional. Now, my only question is, for the beginners, can we see a video of how you edited those 3 photos into the finished product..

  18. Vancouver Island is super beautiful … have been only once but absolutely loved it! Great video, Gavin!

  19. Oh she was a hoot! Please bring her back, and you two play well together and great lesson to boot!

  20. It was funny, great job both of you.

  21. Hilarious as always, literally just returned from Scotland and was happy to see a fototripper video ready for me to watch. FYI found a Tim Hortons in Edinburgh, didn’t stop.

  22. A meatball sub for lessons? I'm booking a flight!!

  23. Great video Gavin… Would've been great, if you had invited me

  24. Not even Catherine can compete with uncle Gibbs

  25. As if the fall at the end wasn't funny enough… The look on his face as he was getting up had me in tears… SUBSCRIBED!!

  26. Full on Humourgasm…. That was juicy

  27. ….. seems like some really excellent tips …. just can't understand a word ….. don't you speak English, Gavin ?

  28. no wonder you call your buddy Mr. Grumpy …. He has no sense of humour. You have a sense of humour.

  29. More of that duo, she's gorgeous! (You too! ;- )

  30. I always wondered what the Gassian Blur filter was about! 
    Very entertaining with good old British toilet humour but gladly no smelly vision 🙂

  31. Since when can you not bracket on an A6000? Bought one in '17.

  32. Thoroughly entertaining! You know videos are good when the ending comes around way too soon. As was the case here.
    Good job again, thanks:)

  33. I learn something new so often from your videos. I have the a6000, but I didn’t know about the focus magnifier. Maybe because it’s not my primary camera. Just my convenient one to have with me always. Anyway, thanks for the very entertaining content.

  34. Sitting here in OZ feeling depressed, watching the weather radar bring another day of no rain in our eight year drought.
    This seriously put a little smile on my face and brightened my day, thank's.

  35. Also, when she asked, "What are we going to do?" and you said, "Pub…of course." I swore you said, pump…and I lost it. Had to rewind three times before I figured out you said pub, and not…well, never mind…cya

  36. Bro, what do you use to keep your car that clean?

  37. I've just stumbled upon your channel. How have i not seen it before???? Good video. Fart jokes are always a win. Speaking of wins………..the ear warmer. Yep. Winner 🙂

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