High Key Portraits: Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey


  1. awesome as always.

  2. Your videos are always a pleasure to watch. Thank you for making them.

  3. как всегда на высоте!))👍

  4. The paper sheets on the background is such a great idea. I love it!

  5. …hello, can you share what song or band is sounding? Thanks

  6. "I am a hot little potato right now" -Mugatu

  7. hi gavin…..Great teaching and awesome shoots….thanking u from india…..by the way, what is the size of the s0ftbox that u r using for this shoot…is it octobox??????

  8. was that great photography?

  9. Amazing video. Thank you Gavin

  10. Hey Gavin. I love Adorama and all of your videos. Your work is exceptional. But I don't get something. I know a decent amount about light now from following along with you in other videos and can not figure out how just a jacket change yielded such a drastic change in the quality of light. From shadowy and contrasty and more low key with harsh light drop off to super soft wrap around light with virtually no shadows.??? There had to be a big change in the lighting setup to give such a drastic change between the two photo examples. I would really appreciate if you can clarify what changed there. I really thank you kindly in advance.

  11. I love when videos like this show the photos that are being taken, but I'm always confused because it's never clearly explained: Are these photos completely you're showing completely unedited and just raw out of the camera?

  12. Like how he always treat models, such a nice guy

  13. I love your lessons Gavin!

  14. If teachers in school was half as good as you then we might end up with fewer people making vlogs for a living. 🙂 You're awesome as always! 🙂

  15. Gavin thnx for the great and helpfull lessons

  16. Gavin, thnx for all the great and helpfull lessons

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