Beginners Guide to Setting Up and Using the GoPro Hero 3 & 3+


  1. How is your 3+ 12 mp camera but mine is 10?

  2. well my friend could you plz help me find the upside down mode plz??

  3. omg thank you! this is the best, most comprehensive set of videos have watched 3 thus far. had lot of user anxiety w my hero until now. excellent vids

  4. i have a problem with my gopro hero 3

    after i turn it off and turn it on again it wont work it wont turn on i have to take out the battery then put it back in to make it work do you know how to fix that??

  5. How do you see what you shooting

  6. hi nice vid but my 3+ doesn't even have that remote

  7. Thank you for this and all youtube instruction!!!

  8. Brilliant – really helpful, thank you.

  9. Sir.. I have a Hero 3 black.. I want to record some spearfishing while scuba diving in the GoM, here of the coast of LA. purchased a 32 gig Scandisk extreme.. is 32 gigs enough ?? What setting should I use to get good quality underwater footage and also best battery life?

  10. The replaceable battery is so useful. If you ever plan on getting a GoPro, save up for 3+. Running out of battery on your GoPro when you're in the middle of the action sucks real hard. GoPro's that don't have a replaceable battery are not that reliable.

  11. fantastic video. very helpful. thank you for the tutorial

  12. OMG thank you sooo much, this his helped my soooo much more

  13. wow,this is amazing and very helpful,Thank you so much

  14. thank you for the great question is, the waterproof backing seems to be a this piece of flexible plastic…did I put the right waterproof backing on?

  15. Thank you so much this was helpful!

  16. This video was extremely helpful!!! Thank you very much for sharing and making it easy to understand how to operate the GoPro!!!

  17. Hello, What settings should I use on my H3 to record at real time. Not in slow? Many thanks, Dom.

  18. How long do the updates usually take 

  19. Excelente video. ¡Felicidades!

  20. This was very helpful! My GoPro Hero 3 was draining all the time and it was just the WiFi! I give this video a 10/10!!

  21. Is a sandisk ultra plus good?

  22. Thanks for the quick setup tutorial. Just wondering if the gopro cameras will let you route live video to an external monitor, or if it just allows playback of recorded vide?

  23. so i've just purchased a gopro 3 white edition. video quality is not that good at all. is it that i haven't got the correct memory card for it and that is why the video quality is bad?

  24. Will a pny micro as card work?

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