A Guide to Street Photography: Gavin Harrison’s smartphone art | Engadget


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  2. Hahah slap that HDR button and BOOM!!! Pro photographer!!!

  3. This is the most overcooked, trite bullshit I've ever seen featured as "photography." Much instagram, much much hipster.

    This was a tutorial on how to take snapshots devoid of real content and then edit-fuck them into seeming like there is some meaning or purpose to them… which wears off 2 seconds into viewing anyway.

  4. Urban Picnic Street Photography website is dapper.

  5. I want my 5 minutes back.

  6. This absolutely sucks.This is for the kind of people who think comic sans is a good presentation font

  7. This guy is pretty terrible. If you want to see people crushing it with smartphone photography, look at the Magnum and VII photographers who are using the iPhone, and people like Richard Koci Hernandez.

  8. hmm i wouldn't consider this photography or at least professional photography,  just anyone with an iphone or android phone  who  click a button and use APPS created by others so they can at least make their pictures look good.  This is not photography.   A good photographer with a good camera and knows how to use it and compose a photo to capture what the moment is showing not what you want it to show.  

  9. Snapseed is my go to app. 

  10. U said everyone just passed him by, did u give him any change ?

  11. Will anybody tell me ,which were all the apps he was making use of?

  12. I do like these cool videos , very original 

  13. such hipster. very iphone photography. wow.

  14. Hipsters will eventually kill the photography one day, and I was hoping not to be alive to witness it but it have already started. RIP

  15. you shoud try nokia lumia 1020

  16. Like a boss first one to comment

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