#3 – Aperture and Depth of Field | Learning Photography on YouTube


  1. Hello Atilio, I am an amateur photographer with a love for photography. After years of watching countless photography how-to tutorials I have finally found someone who, in non-technical words, using easy to understand visuals, explains the basic elements of the wonderful art of photography! I just started watching your free course and your videos are excellent, the examples are clear and the photos are stunning! Well done sir! Thank you for making available your knowledge and experience and making photography enjoyable! Please keep them coming. Kind regards!

  2. Please make a video on photographing the milky way from light polluted area. From planning.. shooting…editing.

  3. Love how your videos are easy to understand when others tend to get a little over technical, off this weekend to see motor racing at brands hatch to try out new techniques I've learnt from your videos! πŸ˜‰

  4. Excellent tutorial thanks πŸ‘Œ

  5. Another brilliant tutorial, very helpful and I thank you for your time and effort.

  6. Most helpful video….easy to learn….

  7. love aperture ring on my lenses πŸ™‚

  8. Now i got it. Super.

  9. Excellent series of shutter priority and aperture explanations. Very helpful, thank you Attulio!

  10. is the sharpness of an image in landscape photography depends on the maximum larger depth of field or it introduces a bit of noise if I step down to maximum like f22.Β  could you please share one video on image sharpness vs DoF in landscape photography. Thanks.

  11. Since when does Severus Snape left behind the wizardry and started with magic of photography? Love your content sir. More power to you. <3

  12. Hello. I know this is off topic but what type of hiking shoes do you recommend? I currently live in Kentucky so a lot of the trails are rocky and muddy terrain! So something like the red river gorge or daniel boone forest park has lot of up and down trail hills with huge rocks. Plus i also would like to be able to stand in the waterfall. I'm not a tall or a big guy.

  13. Chiaro e lineare come tuo solito. Attendo il prossimo con ansia

  14. Hi Attilio Ruffo, its good to you started teaching photography on YouTube. I will surly participate next classes. I have one suggestion when you are showing what your camera is seeing instead of capturing video of camera use hdmi cable or via wifi connect camera and record the screen. It will help a lot to see clear what camera you want to show in camera setting. Thank you.

  15. Great series, really enjoying it!

  16. One more time, thank you Attilio for your great and very clear explanations
    Another question about depth of field : for your landscape photographies do you take into account the hyperfocal distance to get the greatest sharpness from the foreground to infinity ?
    Thanks in advance for your reply

  17. Another wonderfully clear and concise episode Attilio. I am going to have to get myself an instagram account. I hope your Weekend is a most pleasant one. Thank You.

  18. Great video Attilio. You get the information across in a very clear way. I think it would have been useful to have some text over the landscape images at the end saying what aperture they were taken at.

  19. Thanks! Another amazing tutorial. No YouTube channel makes me watch videos in a streak like yours.

  20. Great video but what is the intro song called starting at 0:18 ?

  21. Superb work Attilio!

  22. Another good session. Cheers pal.

  23. Nice clear explanation – thanks

  24. Super-clear explanation: so basically, in term of light entering the camera, decreasing aperture by 1 f-stop is like doubling the shutter speed?
    Can you please add the hashtags for the assignments in the description of the video? so it's easier to find them without hunting them down in the video.

  25. why to visit some photography workshops when we have Attilio πŸ™‚

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