15 wedding photography ideas compilation


  1. Great tips, I found the video very helpful for ideas and compositions.

  2. Wonderful to be refreshed and redirected.

  3. Some great ideas. Thanks for this. I'm a reportage guy so I struggle with posing.

  4. Wow, I nearly had a heart attack at the start when shots were fired! lol

  5. very nice! gonna do my first wedding on 4 july 2016. i am going to try some of these.

  6. I don,t like the high power wire going right behind groom´s head in the street over the hill with ocean background picture, I know you love this particular shoot but I would remove the wire in post.

  7. Great film. Loved the beginning! Thank you.

  8. love it, thank you much. I have a wedding in June and will try some of the poses.

  9. Thanks, very helpful, good presentation :)

  10. Hi guys! Me (Louie) and my fiancee (Rachel) will be having our wedding on June 18, 2016. We're thinking that it'll be fun (and crazy) to have people you (completely) don't know greet you on your big day! So if you guys have spare time, we will (definitely) appreciate your greetings through a short clip (maybe 10 seconds or so?). You may share the clips on my channel or you may also send it to my email (mananganlouie@gmail.com) or whatever works conveniently for you. The videos will be played during our reception and will also be uploaded online. Thanks guys! Have fun!

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  12. The ultimate great ideas

  13. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing !

  14. thanks for the idea. thumb up

  15. Very Fruitful video Christan …. Learned a lot ….Txs

  16. Thanks for sharing such a useful wedding photography tips.

  17. Oh man!You rock!!!thanks for this compilation

  18. Thanks you your clip. it's cool. May i share your clip ?

  19. thank you, Chris. Great videos – a lot of easy and wonderful tips. Thanks. Have fun shooting. XD

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