TOP PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: Finding The Best Natural Light!


  1. Why are you shooting at 1/1000??? she is not running

  2. Awesome vid…very helpful…!!

  3. Jessica i think you are the type if people that don't get conftarble! When exposing too much informations for strangers.
    But you started doing it alote lately.
    The connections with social media fan made you exposing it . May tip for you IS too keep your photography skills hidden becouse its a part of what made you. Allah bless you 😘

  4. I imagine you could use the others creatively, especially the backlit if you expose for the skin with intent of creating a high key shot. (And you have a lens that won't flare when you do it.)

  5. J-Ko too good on these tutorials!

    That's Big Facts

  6. That model was tweaking lol, she’s like,” hurry up and shoot!”

  7. The flaw with this approach is that the same exposure is used for every shot. If the subject was metered for each angle the differences would not be so great. I’d like to see this test done when the skin tone is exposed correctly in each shot.

  8. Thank you Jessica! Im so glad to have found you! You are so talented!

  9. Can you please tell me what lens do you use for this photo shoot ? And which one do you recommend if I have a nikon camera , please let me know 😊 thank you and awesome video

  10. Can you link me to this dress? so beautiful

  11. Thank you for the photo tip. )

  12. Be aware of a blue cast in the shades !

  13. How could you not put the four images up for comparison?

  14. Great tips regarding light! But shutter speed 1/1000?! You don't need to go higher than 1/250 here, maybe 1/320. And then you can use a lower ISO. Even with modern cameras that have great sensors, at ISO 500 the image becomes degraded compared to ISO 100-200.

  15. Okay, but I love that dress lmao, also her eyes are so gorgeous its unreal. Great job as usual Jessica

  16. She's too short to be a model

  17. The model is so annoying it's not normal…

  18. That model is so beautiful

  19. Thanks… Very useful

  20. Noob photograper, PRO camera.

  21. Do you shoot in manual?

  22. talking hecka fast in this photo cuz you wanna finish the video while there's still light out

  23. all of them are so good

  24. Reflector? Fill flash with a softbox?

  25. This model is awesome !

  26. Flawless model Jess, even with the pimple, that lighting on the fourth take covered it, lol, great tip

  27. this video was really good

  28. Excellant video…!!!

  29. Working on my first shoot kind of nervous is the ISO always half of the shutter speed ? & why?

  30. What is the shutter and ISO and what do they do?

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