Starter Cameras for Under $1,000


  1. I found a rx100 on eBay for 7 dollars and it wasn’t a scam

  2. Sorry mate, still a great video but I think I can say for starter photographers and filmmakers, is that our price points are like under 300 even under 100

  3. Sony a6000 is this the king when it comes to price-performance ratio.
    And they didn't even mention it…

  4. I bought a mint used xt1 for 325. A 32gb lexar 1000x card $20 and a fd lens adapter $10 for my 50mm 1.4 already had it but $60 for it on Ebay. But my dad is a Fuji shooter so I'm borrowing his 35mm 1.4.

  5. Is the canon sl2 good
    I’ve been looking at it for a while

  6. Please make a update… 2018

  7. Do an updated list please!

  8. Anyone else noticed that the sensor of the camera which records in 2:12 is quite dirty? 😀

  9. get a a7 full frame +24- 70mm For 998

  10. Can we get a 2018 Version?

  11. I am a stater with a dangerously low budget might even need to go with a point and shoot typ of budget, and I need one for good low light shots. Any recomendations?

  12. How about a used OM-D E-M10 Mark III. Seems like a great deal. I. Picked up one with 5 extra batteries, a monopod, a carrying bag, a lens, a shotgun style microphone, a clip on light, a dust blower, charger, a 64GB SD card, and finally a license for Corell Paintshop X9. All that for $770.

  13. 1:56 Geneva

    Pour les connaisseurs😎🇨🇭🇨🇭

  14. I got a sony a6300 including zoom lens for 1k.

  15. Would anyone recommend a Sony a6300 or Sony a7r for photography?

  16. I was on that road 1 year ago and looks like i made the right choice. 750D and 18-55mm + 70-200 f/4.0 L is what it turns out i needed all the time. It's perfect for learning all this tricky stuff with exposure, aperture, shutter speed and DoF. Both thumbs up for it if you're a beginner and looking towards your first DSLR.

  17. get a used camera they depreciate unlike non kit lens

  18. Fyi now the canon M50 would be better for you most likely.

  19. Dslr and mirrorless cameras are what you want for photos and video cynamitics. If you want to vlog then the point and shoot is what you want.

  20. I like the way he says "Buttons" …

  21. Eh, at that price I'd probably get a first gen Sony a7, that 50mm Canon lens from the video (+ adapter) and a vintage 28mm or 35mm lens off of ebay. Full frame all the way, baby!
    Although honestly – just save the additional 400$ (or so) and get a Blackmagic Pocket (plus cheapo ebay speed booster) if you're serious about film. Can't beat RAW (Well – if you know/learn how to process it… if you're gonna crush the blacks, might as well shoot with a DSLR…).

  22. Should I buy a 6D or a 7D Mark II? 6D is cheaper and full frame, but 7d2 does 1080/60fps.

  23. Just get a Nikon d700 on Amazon, and buy a few lenses

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