Shooting Film: Mamiya C330 TLR Medium Format Film Camera


  1. I used to have the Mamiya C220 with there 180mm lens. The 180 is great for portraits, it has a 49mm filter diameter. The focal length is similar to a 135mm lens on a 35mm camera.

  2. To overcome the reversed mirror image, I focus crisply with the waist level finder on the groundglass, then raise the camera compose and frame through the sports finder at eye level and shoot.Great vid.

  3. Thanks Ted. I've been thinking about taking my C33 (the predecessor of your model ) out of mothballs. I got it off eBay years ago and still have only run a single test roll through it — but I was pleased with the results. Great machine! They look intimidating but they're easy to use, and I love that there's nothing electronic about it. Just you and the photons make it go. Anyway, you inspire me to go see what I can do with it.

  4. Just bought mine a month ago. Worked for a newspaper back in 1983 and shot sports with one….

  5. I've got the C220 which I love. Nice review as always

  6. I bought a C330 in 1974 and used it until the 1990s. I took it on the Appalachian Trail and many, many other adventures. I have thousands of pictures that I took with it. After Hasselblads became affordable I have been collecting and shooting my Hassys and never looked back at the C330. The problem with medium (6X6) format in the digital age is that nobody makes a 4K square monitor. On a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor or even a 3:2 the 6X6 scans look rather anemic.

  7. I totally love my Mamiya to bits, the full kit in the box weighs a lot, but it’s worth it.

  8. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the site mentioned herein. Paying ten times than eBay and getting gear that delivers the same quality is, well, not much of a debate on integrity. Additionally, the video's title should reflect the content. I was watched the first ⅓ of the video and your are talking about things other than the camera you have in the thumbnail.

  9. Ted, Amazon seems to have both 120 AND 220 Acros film available.
    So 220 may not be as hard to find as you indicate here.

  10. Love the video Ted, I shot with a Yashicamat 124G back in college many, many moons ago lol…I always thought I wanted a Rollei (still do actually), but with all the different states one can buy them in (not to mention the astronomical costs (CLA's, etc.)), I decided on the C330S. I love the interchangeable lenses, as well as the almost non-existent problems they encounter. These bad boys were built like a tank, and definitely for pro usage. Your images taken with it in Vegas are outstanding. Keep the great videos coming, and thanks for the review

  11. Hello Yes how are you? Thanks for this, I just got a rolleiflex 3.5 and am shooting across through it and will be learning to develop. I'm curious the shots you took here what did you use to scan them and do you see a disadvantage to scanning? Thanks bro

  12. I have the C330f with the 105mm lens and it is outstanding for portraits. I use either a hand held meter, a smartphone meter app, or my digital camera and haven't had an issue with exposure.

  13. Oh man what a beauty i just wish you had taken the lens out to see the mount and the lens,anyway great video as always.

  14. Now it´s 2017 and the C330 is no longer cheap 🙁 But still I will get mine!

  15. Sounds you have some financial interest in KEH?

  16. The TLR is too sacred for you. You should not talk with a camera in your hand; make photographs.
    Why do you always talk about the prise of your gear?
    What is "professional"?
    Which fool mounts a ring for the camera strap; is your favourite shop blind?
    Leaf shutters are never mounted in the camera body!
    Comparing this camera to a view master camera; are you drunk?
    Portraits with the 80 mm Sekor? Do not think so.
    Pushing films is raping films.
    The Mamiya C series are no studio cameras. It is an all round camera.
    Stop this Tupperware talks, please !!!

  17. Just scored a killer deal on a C330 Pro with a Blue Dot 80mm f2.8 & a 180mm lens with strap and case etc. Should be here this coming week. Somehow I was able to buy the whole package for $160. Like you I'm praying that it lives up to the seller's description. Once I verify that this is a good body, I'm hunting for a 65mm wide lens. I really like your images.

  18. Hey, Ted!
    Please, can you tel me what do you mean saying that you are pushing the film to 400 ISO? Lile post processing? after scaning it?

  19. Great video! Man, you have a great voice! I still like my old C330, have the 55, 80, 105, 135, 250 lenses. Did weddings in the past, images that are still enjoyed by the clients' children!
    I sure will follow your other stories!

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