Self Portrait Tutorial. How I shot my profile photo for social media and my photography website.


  1. Great video! On a lighter note, why didn't you change your shirt for the new shot? πŸ˜›

  2. A serious question… how to approach taking pictures of yourself… when you HATE pictures of yourself???

  3. Thanks Joe – a really useful video and I will be recreating the shoot this weekend to update my social media. I was about to ask "Hey, I thought you were an Olympus shooter?" but then I noticed the date of the video. Would you do things any different with your OMD E1 M2? 25mm F1.2?

  4. I took my self portrait photo simply, using camera on tripod.

  5. why not an 85mm or even 135mm?

  6. I shot my new glasses wiv ringflash ,soft n big n I looked like I had cats eyes n I was pleased but!,love you Mahn!,but if you wanna look like Brad….change the light!….k.i.s.s.

  7. I'm in the process of taking new ones now

  8. I never though about shooting my profile picture from left to right. Great tip.

  9. Enjoyed very much. I was expecting an Olympus camera.

  10. @joe edelman how did you set up your focus?

  11. Honest, genuine and authentic, I’m really enjoying your great videos. Thanks.

  12. 7:47 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Great tips, I dont have all the equipment that you have but I know I can make it work. I will update my photos for social media sites Thanks 😎

  14. I have been watching Joe's videos on and off for several months and I love them a lot. I just realized something else I love. Joe's shirts. I need to get skinny again so I can wear shirts like that.

  15. you look great thanks for the tipsπŸ˜ƒ

  16. great inside perspective on the mindset of a photographer.

  17. This video inspired me. My next project will definitely to make a self portrait of myself. And just realised that the only model that is dirty cheap; always available and will never complain about long sessions is yourself. Thanks Joe! πŸ™‚

  18. A simpler way is to get a canon camera with a fully articulating screen. Download the canon connect app. Touch to focus on your smart phone. Put is on a ten second timer, so you have enough time to put your smart phone out of the frame. An in focus selfie made simple.

  19. Which focal length did you use again? Sorry might have missed the part you said it

  20. I love how your studio is so clean and organized

  21. Just subscribed, good stuff. First found your site by looking at budget CLS systems – do you still use setups like your DIY LED one or are you more flash-based nowadays? Also Whats your opinion of the current LED CLS systems. I'm seeing dimmable Neewer LED lights with stands on amazon for about 100 bucks, I'm thinking two of them + powerful ringlight in front of subject and reflector under chin = decent headshot setup for a reasonable budget? Room has no ambient light btw.

  22. Holy Cow Lot of work! Great Video!

  23. Thanks for sharing all the details of your setup and process for this shoot Joe! Your videos are so well done and extremely helpful.

  24. Joe, you are the best. Thanks for your vids, esp liked this one.

  25. Great video Joe .. gonna try it πŸ™‚

  26. I just shot a new selfie on Christmas Day 2017! Was feeling some holiday blues, so I challenged myself to pep me up. Wanted a full length, noirish b&w shot. Setup: camera (aps c sensor) on a boom with a 10-22mm lens pointed straight down on me, full length, lying on a couch; small amnt of overcast grey windowlight as fill; DIY snoot made with cinefoil on a Canon speedlite on a lightstand aimed to key my head. Triggered flash with off camera cord & triggered camera with the 10 second timer, everything being pretty low-tech, honestly. Converted to b&w in pshop, & boosted contrast for effect. The snooted flash hit the mark, & the shot turned out nice & moody, exactly the way I had imagined it. So, a keeper….which is rare for a self-portrait! Thanks for sharing yours, Joe. Always Inspiring!

  27. Grats on the subs bro. Well deserved.

  28. <β€”β€”- My self portrait went totally wrong, I ended up looking like a rodent.

  29. Despite having a camera for a few years, I never took a self portrait. I finally did a couple of days ago, and it's great to finally have a face with the name (I used a hot air balloon as my profile picture for a long time). It was tedious, as I took about 120 frames, with like half of them a little bit out of focus. Because I didn't have a way to check the images without standing back up, getting that focus, even at F8, was difficult as I would never sit down the exact same way as before. I also had to lean forward to press the shutter button which makes it difficult to keep the same pose.

    I'll keep the shirt tucking stuff in mind for next time as my body proportions are in a similar state as yours. Great tips!

  30. You are putting the fun back in photography. I did have tons of fun yesterday with a friend of mine. I will upload an image in the group. πŸ™‚ Great pointers.

  31. What were your final strobe light and camera settings? I have the same lights. Thanks for the reply!

  32. Of course you don't need all this gear, but put the thought in it.

  33. I'm planning on using this technique for a portrait session. Would it be acceptable to use an umbrella-style octabox? Or would the shaft and ribs be visible? I plan on doing some test shots myself when I get the chance, but wanted to ask you beforehand regardless.

    Also a subscriber! Really enjoy watching your content.

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