Program “P” Mode Tutorial for Beginners – Shoot from the Hip Photography Vlog (Ep #11)


  1. Awesome thanks dude, going to give it a try I've bought my first camera d3300 and have no clue what to do lol 😔😁

  2. hello Sir. The way you teach and the way you shoot is really amazing. You are a good teacher as well as demonstrator. keep updating us with your Guidelines and creativity ☺love & Regards from India!

  3. Hi Moose, I am a beginner to photography. All your videos are energetic as well as informative. It transmits some positive energy to my nerves and making myself moving out of my lazy couch and play with my new photography gears. Keep going with the fantastic videos you are doing. I am inspired.

  4. What about on canon cameras?

  5. Excellent video Moose, however doesn't Program mode do more than just exposure compensation? When you say that it's a souped up Auto mode (which it is kind of), doesn't Program mode allow you to adjust the shutter speed and aperture combination values also so you're doing more than just exposure compensation? I have been wrong before though Moose

  6. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  7. BTW, do u know abt P*, I saw this appeared on my screen but I'm not sure what is it. <* don't want to open up manual *> can shed some lights on it please.

  8. thoroughly enjoyed it, to the point…loves those adorable kids…

  9. Yay, learned one new thing today!

  10. Moose, thank you! You have such a brilliantly clear and straight forward way of explaining the art of photography. Your YouTube page and website cheat sheets should come with every beginners first camera!

  11. Is the quality different from live view and the. Actually looking from the eye of the camera? Which one is better? I shoot with the Nikon d3300 with a 50mm but I'm still learning 😇

  12. You constantly help with all of the questions that I didn't know I had!

  13. you are an inspiration for me Sir it's very rare to find such a great and cool teacher like you Sir…. lots of best wishes from India….thank u very very much……after watching your videos I have just ordered a canon 1300d today….

  14. This video is very helping! Thankyou =)

  15. Love your shirt 😂

  16. I request If u could make a video on using the kit lens 18-55mm properly as a beginner. Basically getting to know the lenses. Thanks

  17. Hi Mr Moose, my name is mirza n iam from India. I recently bought a nikon d3300 as photography is one of my hobbies. Your videos are incredible sir. Have learned a lot from ur videos ur tips. Will definitely be following u on ur channel as already subscribed. Thanks cheer.

  18. heyy! you might see me commenting on other of ur vids😂 but what settings to I have to put so when I take a picture of something ex, the coke can, the background is blurred?

  19. What kind of camera are u using taking the photo?

  20. Wow! Who knew?! Thanks for that great tip. Will definitely give it a try!!!

  21. What kind of lens did you use? Thank you!!!

  22. Hello Moose ,I want To Show you some of my work ..and i want you to review it ..can i get your email id ?

  23. i don't mind if it's only less than 5 mins..the thought is there. thanks!

  24. Great question – great answer. 😉 Love the Episodes! Keep 'em coming. Thank you! :-))

  25. Thanks so much. Great short tutorial!

  26. Short and sweet and to-the-point! Awesome as always! Great tip! The baby giggles? Perfect ending 😉

  27. are you using a prime lens to take the shot with the coke or kit lens?

  28. Thank u very muchh moose….:) 🙂 Keep it coming dude..Do more videos like this..:)You are simply great and always to the point..:)And it would be great if you make a tutorial on outdoor photography with nikon,one with external flash and one without flash..:)

  29. THANK YOU Moose!!!! I love these quick tip videos. If I learn enough of them, I could actually get a few great shots! Lol thx!

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