Photoshop Tutorials Graphic Design Adobe CS6 PSD CC Photo Advanced Effects Mixtape Flyer


  1. 6.51 name brush pls

  2. my brother thank you so much you in my prayers 🙂

  3. I love your work!  This is the first video I seen by you.  I am a beginner looking to learn the glare, granite and font effects.  What videos of yours would you suggest I watch for training?

  4. Can you make me a cover?

  5. Your commentary is nice and funny in the background. Great instrumental as well

  6. Yo T I brought the VIP but this tutorial is otherwise there…how do I get the tutorial? Not the speed art

  7. i like what you did here

  8. i draw "T" check out a drawing i did on my page!

  9. Is this tutorial part of the $27 package?

  10. Even watching your videos from years ago .. just found u on top and just as u did years ago u have super useful content .. I am selling leasing my beats now but I'm trying to get into freelance graphic design and I think your course might be just what I needed.. thanks for the inspiration 💯

  11. I want to tell you that even though I don't design Mixtapes, I have learned a lot from you. Just the information you have is so valuable as well as the tutorial. I used some of your techniques for a design the other month to help out a friend. Thank you. You gave me some confidence to start doing designs. Thank you!

  12. Hello T, What do you think about Adobe CC monthly payments to use the software.
    I'm still using CS3 do you plan to jump to Creative Cloud in the future.
    Peace bro.

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