Photography tips – UK laws and your rights


  1. typical arseholes .. does not know UK laws. tell him to fuck off !

  2. I think this video is very good as it points out the law, which is quite useful to know – especially as a SP, but for me I also see the other side of this, which is that anybody who owns or occupies a building or other premises etc, has the absolute right to be concerned about security and ask the necessary questions to satisfy any suspicions or concerns they may have. It is quite simple really, which is a rule I follow to be honest and polite with those I photograph and hopefully they will reciprocate. On a point of note, a business card goes a long way too, and also is good marketing, so carry a business card with your S.M or Web address on it along with your name and this will inspire confidence in the recipient. May get you work too 🙂

  3. I work in security on films and t.v. shows. We can refuse access onto property or land we are renting but cannot stop people taking photos from outside that area. Generally the problem is most security lack intelligence or are power heads or are ill informed about the role they can play

  4. Quite a few interesting comments already made – Overall, I found this video well presented and informative. Such a pity many police officers are either unaware of the laws or simply chose to ignore them, given the number of times they have tried to stop me from going about my lawful business 😉

  5. If you don't want to be on camera, don't walk up to the photographer and stick your face in full view. I don't like being photographed but I wouldn't ask a cameraman to delete my image. I would rather ppl see a 2 second clip of me passing by, than a whole video of me getting triggered!!
    The public needs to use common sense too
    The police will always go to their rhetoric if "thie current climate of terrorism" as an excuse to violate your rights. That's what 9/11 was for!! To impose more restrictions on the public. Smdh!!

  6. Why do you muppets indulge these halfwits? 🤮

  7. There was a VERY noticeable shift here in the US after the 9/11 attack. Once upon a time, taking photos inside a historic post office was an innocent thing, but I was told to leave the main post office in downtown Ft. Worth TX when taking photos. Seemed a bit over cautious to me.

  8. I would just tell them I'm not breaking the law so piss off and go eat a hotdog, plain and simple! Go harass someone else that doesn't know their rights!! Bunch of useless morons 🙂

  9. But it's simple too many people have something BAD to hide !!! so they get protected from the good people hehehe

  10. I a way it's OK ALL THE BULLSHIT , because it makes it more interesting to do 😉 Cat and Mouse

  11. If you got an video evidence of illigal police activity – YOU WILL BE ARRESTED AND FOOTAGE WILL BE DELETED.

  12. You're being way too nice… I'd ignore them.

  13. police abuse section 44 all the time

  14. on public footpaths u doi not need permission anywhere

  15. He said you have to be careful when taking certain pictures because some people are easily upset or uncomfortable when you do this, i immediately had a reference to a certain group of people he possibly could be referring to …

  16. I was at Lush South Molton today and took a photo of my sister using a Leica M + Summicron 28mm F2 lens after we bought a few stuff. A pink-haired staff told me to delete the picture because half of her colleague’s blurry face was in the bokeh, the size of half a pea, far in the background that even her body cant be seen. I showed her the offending ‘floating’ blob in the corner frame but since the blob is generated by her colleague’s face, she insisted that I need to delete it. I immediately complied since I don’t want to cause any trouble. So in LUSH UK, even being a bokeh could land photographers into a hot soup. Or maybe because my sister was wearing a hijab. I think despite the law, just play along with any stupidity if you’re a tourist trying to have some pleasant family vacation. Just play along n don’t antagonize anyone, esp if you’re Asian and a Muslim.

  17. 'Blah blah blah Terrorism'

    White photographic terrorists are a big problem these days are they?

  18. How about the SIA licensing authority for security guards ,educate them in the law first ???????

  19. I guess & I think freedom of press and of expression is a full part of the HUMAN RIGHTS, above the local laws, and then on a PUBLIC place it is allowed to shoot pictures ( people or buidings ). Two main texts to read about human rights 1- United Nations & 2- Council of Europe !

  20. copper full of shit

  21. Thank you for this video , very helpful .
    But what about communcial photographers , do they have a right to film you ?.

  22. Buildings should not be a problem since most are shown on the internet. What I try to avoid is peoples faces because it could be a problem if it were to be published. One thing to do it as a hobby another if it is a job. Some places like amusement parks since they are private can be tricky. I read of a guy taking photos and security stopped him because they thought he was taking kids photos.

  23. Security guards always appear to have the I.Q of a Beefburger.

  24. Take pictures of Pretty much anything. You should comply or it could spiral out of control. I've seen video of people complying and it does not help them. hope that helps.

  25. You're too nice to them…. no need to explain yourself to a twat with a walkie talkie…. "how long are you going to be?" none of his business! "i've got a right to ask you"…. no you haven't.

  26. Well presented lads, thank you, so much better than these videos of 'I aint telling you nuffin!' look at big I am! type yobish behaviour of some photographers posting on here. Thank you for the information

  27. I will never understand this English abhorrence to photos and videos being taken from public ares. You have the densest accumulation of CCTV cameras in the world that cover EVERYTHING. And a guy on the streets taking pics is always an issue. Makes no sense.

  28. So a white guy can't take pictures in public in England (photographing while white), but it is okay to leave England, join & fight for ISIS / ISIL and then come back to England? Hmmm.

  29. A modern society built around the fear of state sponsored false flag terror attacks as a ploy to invade other countries. Nice.

  30. Cannot understand why any photographer would even acknowledge the presence of ‘so-called’ security…such stupid wallahs could not secure a screw in polystyrene.

  31. Actually, its the DSLR TRIPOD effect!
    Threatening to be sure!
    I stopped bringing my tripod. A fast lens, a steady surface if possible, a smile, being polite and responsive answer without sarcasm never goes a miss.
    The end result is your aimed, focused and then you get ( your ) shot!

  32. pictures for personal use, this video blasted on the internet lol

  33. Excellent video, if we were to get an image of somebody walking out of the building with a clear shot of the person what is the rules for posting this on our portfolios social media?

  34. im sure police cant seize your camera , they need a court order

  35. You spoil it at the end telling people to delete picture s if someone ask you too,just because you point camera at someone something does not mean your taking pictures all the time. And no one can say that taken useless they seen the playback

  36. Freelance photographer looking to build her portfolio. Only doing small, intimate Events/occasions at the moment. Please share

  37. Mercenaries are guarding the important buildings. It is on the way…

  38. If they tell you it's about security call them on their bullshit and tell them they are liars

  39. 8.02, what about forward facing speed cameras?

  40. Its illegal for the police to ask you to delete or for them to delete photos as these could constitute evidence. Only a judge can demand that. I was forced to delete some photographs of a military foot patrol in France, in the street. I don't know the French laws about this and my French is not good enough to argue, besides, I always feel arguing with a heavily armed group of soldiers, is not a good idea, so I deleted them. If you delete photos from your SD card, they can often be recovered by using recovery software.

  41. Should just tell them to do 1, because he is not breaking the law

  42. I think it's mostly perception. Stand there with a phone and snap pictures and no one would probably bother you, get your tripod out and people get twitchy.

  43. Aside from what one is permitted under UK law to do and not do regarding taking photos and recording video footage in a public place, even where a licence or other written permission has been sought and granted to do so, logic and common sense dictate that in big cities one should not attempt to do so and some big cities in the UK have certain bye-laws that prohibit such activity, even on public land and from public land, doing so of a private building on private land – if a private individual does not consent to being filmed or photographed even in a public space, with or without a waiver being signed except by a police officer or council official then that legal request by said private individual carries legal weight and could be an infringement of that person's privacy if that request is not complied with

  44. Official secrets act AAAAHAHAHAHAHA, what a crock of shit. FYI, you can take pictures or video of any thing in the country from a public place, whether it's military or not, if you are standing on public access you can do it. You can also take pictures or video from private property if they offer public access, ie if you are in a shopping centre and the shopping centre offers access to the public, you can take picture or film, do not let anyone tell you differently and do not let people bully you. Know your rights, have it printed on paper ready to prove to anyone that tackles you, then politely tell them to fuck off!! For drones, the law is slightly different, for example, you can't fly over airports or Royal palaces.

  45. bull shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they can not take your camera etc etc

    26 August 2010

    Dear Colleagues

    Guidance for Photographers

    I am writing to you in my capacity as Chair of the ACPO Communications Advisory

    Group which sits in the Presidential Business Area.

    There have been a number of recent instances highlighted in the press where officers

    have detained photographers and deleted images from their cameras. I seek your

    support in reminding your officers and staff that they should not prevent anyone from

    taking photographs in public. This applies equally to members of the media and public

    seeking to record images, who do not need a permit to photograph or film in public

    places. ACPO guidance is as follows:

    • There are no powers prohibiting the taking of photographs, film or digital

    images in a public place. Therefore members of the public and press should not

    be prevented from doing so.

    • We need to cooperate with the media and amateur photographers. They play a

    vital role as their images help us identify criminals.

    • We must acknowledge that citizen journalism is a feature of modern life and

    police officers are now photographed and filmed more than ever.

    • Unnecessarily restricting photography, whether for the casual tourist or

    professional is unacceptable and it undermines public confidence in the police


    • Once an image has been recorded, the police have no power to delete or

    confiscate it without a court order.
    If you require further guidance please refer to the ACPO website or contact my Staff

    Officer Robin Edwards at

    Yours sincerely

    Andrew Trotter

    Chief Constable

    Chair of ACPO Communication Advisory Group

  46. what happens when security comes out giving you grief on the off…?.. also i wouldnt delete an image as you said at the end….

  47. Copper wit a brain wow

  48. Why don't you just tell them its not against the law to photograph outside and if you say you have the right to ask me what I am doing then I have the right not tell you! Why so nice with these pricks?

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