Photography Tips – Fall Colors with T6s


  1. Especially when with the. Tameron 18-200 vc two

  2. Great video I have the Nikon equivalent of the Canon T6S the Nikon D5500. Great little dslr. Great image quality when doing photography

  3. Newbie question: How do you know what fstop to use to have everything in focus? At :44, your 3rd stop at some backroad, I noticed that you used an aperture setting of f5.6 but you want everything to be in focus. Wouldn't a smaller stop like f22 make a larger depth of field? Great photos btw.

  4. I was surprised to see Vermont when I was scrolling through your videos. (I recognized the farm and road in Woodstock from the icon. LOL) I'm from Middlebury, Vermont! I'm really enjoying your videos although I am so new to photography that it's the manual settings that I am really in need of instruction on. Can you suggest anything?

  5. Beautiful country.

  6. 5:00 [the line of] people look like soldiers ready to fire ! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  7. Are you making a video and then turning it into a timelaps or are you actually taking a bunch of photos?

  8. I like these videos! Makes you want to get out take photos. Very inspiring and seeing u take photos, composition, angles, settings, lenses was nice

  9. I really liked the fact that you used canon T6s on the tour and not 5Ds or anything. Really breaks the myth that, one only needs high end camera's to produce good results. Such a beauitful place btw.

  10. Enjoyed seeing our trip through your eyes! Great weekend!

  11. This was a pretty cool behind-the-scenes video.

  12. Excellent Video. Learned so much and am looking forward to joining you again for the coast of Maine.

  13. I wish we had scenery like that here in Southern California.

  14. Great video it looks like you guys are living out your dreams.

  15. 1st one nice trip and thanks a lot. I have learned many things from this videoπŸ˜™πŸ˜™

  16. Thank you for your videos, they have been awesome. I'm a dentist and I do a lot of teaching. Currently I use Canon DSLR with 100mm macro and ring flash to shoot my photos. I have a 10D that has been a work horse for years..I also have a T4i. I would like to start shooting videos of some of my procedures. Keep in mind I usually prefer to shoot at higher apertures. So that I have a greater depth of field. What's your thoughts on a video set up I could use that is portable and could be used to produce some awesome video…I currently have a great comouter and am pretty good with premiere. My CPU core i7 4790k 32gb RAM and SSD for scratch and Geforce 780ti…love to know your thoughts on some gear

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