Photography Tips – 3 Ways to Get better Flash Photos


  1. Hi Glenn, I'm a big fan – bought all your ebooks they are great. Planning a trip for the first time to the tropics and bought myself a flash so would like to start using some fill flash in my photography. I have one question at the moment – it seems that the flash need at least a few seconds to recycle, so with my 1DX2 on burst mode it seems that this high speed + flash is not realistic/possible as the flash only fires off at the first shot and not the other following shots . Is this a right conclusion or is it something in the settings or is it due to the batteries I use (at the moment just testing so only using normal AA bateries – read somewhere it would be better to use the strong rechargeble eneloop batteries…thanks Pascal

  2. Glenn I just started using flash with your 600mm how far in feet from camera to bird have you used fill flash?

  3. Helo Glenn. I am just starting to learn to use flash with my bird photography. I can clearly see where I need to learn to control the power of the flash. You can check my first post using flash with a dove I did on Instagram @clixofnature. My concern is though, before I continue using flash with birds is whether the flash hurt or has negative effect on the birds eyes or stun them or anything. Have you ever come across any knowledge on this issue?? Thanks

  4. Is your e-book specific to Canon?

  5. Now I understand why my images were overexposed. Thanks.

  6. Fantastic shot of that little skulker! <3

  7. Do you use a flash meter if so which meter do you use?

  8. Great tips. Thank you. Would it be possible to use flash as part of the set-up when trying to capture small birds in flight. I am trying to photograph them as they come looking for some food and was just wondering if flash would help freeze them.

  9. as always Glenn at his best. am sold … keep up the good work

  10. Excellent tip about switching to manual when shooting with light in the background. I have struggled with this for sometime. Thank you.

  11. thanks for the tips ,

  12. I have your e-book on flash and highly recommend it!

  13. Nice, quick overview Glenn.

  14. Thanks for the tips, keep them coming. The hummingbirds are very busy here in Texas so I'm trying to get as much practice with my flash as I can.

  15. I am speechless at your shots, feel lucky to have discovered your photos. keepemcomng!!!

  16. Excellent tips Glenn, keep them coming!

  17. Wow Glenn Your photos are stunning . Thank you for the helpful video

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