Manual Mode Photography


  1. NO! The shutter opens and closes every time at the same speed. Shutter speed means for how LONG it stays open, not how FAST is opens! My god…

  2. Hi! Why did you set ISO at 200 rather than increase the shutter speed? You could have done that, the camera was fixed on the tripod… Did I miss something?

  3. Great tips but even better last part of the video – great job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice video, but stop saying ISO is sensitivity, you can't change sensitivity to light in a digital camera, what you change is applied gain, its well known among astrophotographers that not always the lowest ISO provide less noise, its related to the amount of time light is able to hit the sensor to arrive saturation

  5. Haha, nice short video on the end.

  6. Excellent video thanks for the infos

  7. Great I think auto and it's variations kill the true creative streak This mode, manual, can and should (needs to be) developed to take the photographer from snapshots to.trying to achieve artistic expression. Good work in simplifying the concept.

  8. Not trying to be critical but have you ever shot film? ISO 400-500? It was ASA and I don't recall anything at 500? We might just have a language issue so I really thank you for this video! Oh, what happened to exposing to the right? (ETTR) I don't do Portraiture so maybe noise isn't an issue if we expose left?

  9. Grandioso vídeo, me encanto todo! La edición, sobre todo la MÚSICA, greetings from Venezuela.

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