Lighting for iPhone Photos | Photography Tips


  1. Can you please make a video how to blurr lights in the background ? 💕

  2. but my pics never come out that nice

  3. I love you. Stay inspired ❤️

  4. It's also worth experimenting with the metering options on your phone.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a toddler to stay in good light to get a photo. If they're doing something funny/cute/natural.. they're going to be facing away, in the dark, there'll be ugly crap in the background, your floor will be messy. Haha.

    I move around a lot and fiddle with the metering more than anything (because I can't adjust shutter speed,obviously.. and my phone is OLD), because he's just not going to hold still. Even in bright sunlight, just changing the light metering to spot when it's too bright in one place, it helps a lot.

    I'm not an ace photographer, but I've managed a few actually good photos. Always best when they're candid, but perfectly composed candid shots are tricky with small kids.

  5. Hi, how do I shoot with an iPhone in low light ?

  6. Thanks Jana this was great. I use my iPhone so much to take photos and I've got some pretty amazing results, especially of my kids as they don't feel as intimidated as when I've got my big camera. Just wished you weren't so far away as I'd love to come hear one of your inspirational talks.😊

  7. Christine Chang! My 2 fave photographers in 1 video!

  8. I just bought an iPhone, so I am definitely going to try these natural lighting tips. Thanks!

  9. This helped a lot thank you!:)

  10. Hi can you tell which are the free camera apps for iphone 6splus

  11. Why is this only for iphone….because she uses one! Why can't it just be for all cell devices.

  12. As a photography enthusiast, this helped me a lot 🙂

  13. do a tutorial on how to shoot porn with your iPhone

  14. Awesome thanks for the tips!!! I love your channel so much!!! 😊😄 and your so pretty 😱😙

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