Interview with Nick Chen on Shooting Film, Leica, and Minimalism in Melbourne


  1. Great Video Eric Kim, was wondering when we'd hear from you. Glad you are still around…:)

  2. What do you say What's up street ????

  3. vertigo wwwhhhooooaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Haha you can tell that espresso is kicking in he had to stabilize the hell out of that shot.

  5. Hipsters always say there not hipsters

  6. Coffee shop owner with a flat cap and round glasses who shoots film says, "I'm not a hipster." Denial. 🙂

  7. Really enjoyable vlog Eric and Nick 580 Bench looks a cool coffee shop I am liking Nicks slant on photography and his laid back attitude. Nicks view on why he shoots is similar to mine. I see photography as we are capturing the Present so those in the Future can look back at the Past, so lets all get out there and capture some history in the making 🙂 I hope you guys had a good time out on the street and is there a follow up vlog from the street with you guys? Sending Love from Ireland – Sean

  8. Nice little interview! That coffee shop is very neat!

    What's up with the video frame?? Is it using Image stabilization or something???

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