How to Shooting Natural Light Outdoor Photos | Photography Tips


  1. 3:28, that sound of the Button on the car paint…..

  2. ITS A BMW DING DONG! Also I think I will spot you with a cattle prod catching you leaning on my car let alone uncovering it. The worst misleading title ever too. Nothing remotely close to "tips" or "How to"

  3. You suck…respect peoples property,,,

  4. Dumb ass…never, ever touch private property…pos…

  5. I love this video! thanks for the walk through!

  6. Any photography video that uses the phrase "That's super hot on a dude" has me sold.

  7. I could see the husband was a little resistant about leaning on the car. He knows.

  8. So much swag🙌🏾🙌🏾

  9. Hi Jana. Another fantastic videos as per usual
    what focus mode do you use, spot, centre etc???. Also do you use contin focus or single

  10. hi! love your videos.

    request: beginner dslr camera and lenses please.

  11. What part of AL are you from? I’m a photographer here. Based in Birmingham (Hoover). Instagram @ikonicimagery

  12. Jana you are absolutely so very adorable love your passion for photography

  13. do you care what the light meter tells you with those settings?

  14. Did she call the BMW a Mercedes?

  15. We will apply some of these tips to our Standard Lifewear outdoor shoots! Thanks for the tips!

  16. title of the video is completely misleading.. How to shoot natural light ? Tips ?? i don't see any special tips given.. this is just going out and blindly shooting by keeping the subject in shade.. there are many great tips to shoot in natural light and nothing was covered in this video.. shooting outdoors is not just about camera settings and lens it is more to do with how you control light ..This video looked more of marketing video for her husband..

  17. If you had done that to my BMW I would have punched you. SHAME on you. Unsubscribed

  18. Hey I was wondering if you could put the setting you say in your video in the description bar please that would be awesome help love you and your videos 💋

  19. You guys are so awesome! ❤️ love your style

  20. You guys are so cute! Love your upbeat attitude

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