Critique the Community Episode 23 – Landscape Photography


  1. Was the pier shot angled too?

  2. The magenta in the iceland picture looks "cloudy"

  3. no one noticed the second photo had the stars in front of the clouds?

  4. you guys saved me money on allot of software thanks.

  5. What do people mean when they say "the blacks are crushed"?

  6. One last thing….why all the DARK photos? No real dynamic light.

  7. Spare me the ASTRO photography! My goodness how many more do we have to see!

  8. It's a fossil. You should try it, Lee.

  9. Pro tip: watch this video at double speed

  10. im not a world winning old photographer………..

  11. this crowd would give the mona lisa a 2 star……….

  12. Not Canadian geese – they are Canada geese.

  13. They need to sneak in their own images so they end up shitting on each other.

  14. I like critiques and yet at the same time they are maddening. It’s just so subjective and I think they are kind of tearing down some really incredible shots.

  15. This video highlights what is wrong with photography today. It's all about Photoshoping the photos to death. Not a single photo appeared natural because none of them were.

  16. How can they critique photos when they can't even expose their video properly????

  17. Aww man I really liked the slightly surreal HDR colors of that bridge shot at around 10:40 Goes to show that beauty is subjective.

  18. The picture of the lake with a person standing looks very fake and flat. Its like a cutout of 3 pictures from different magazines. The first layer is the trees and rocks with the person, second layer is the lake, and 3rd layer is the sky.

  19. Pretty sure 36:00 is Bombo Quarry in Kiama, Australia

  20. you could show them a b/w image of a white piece of paper on a table and they will discuss if the photographer has blended in 6 different exposures because the sunset in the reflection of the pair of glasses on the table is slightly off compared to the exposure of the lower right edge of the table.

  21. Pretty sure that image at 36mins that they didn't know the location is the quarry at Bombo south of Sydney Australia

  22. 14:36 driving down this road (trollstigen in norway) during some of the heaviest fog ive ever seen might have been the scariest experience of my life πŸ˜…

  23. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  24. I love how they just fucking hate hdr for no good reason (or at least a reason that I think is rational)

  25. The second image has my eye drawn to the moving cloud to the upper left, very distracting to the rest of the photo, I also think it’s over Photoshopped, just like Stonehedge……!

  26. 43:20Β  , Uploads a 2/5 and puts his signature like ifs a masterpiece shot. Remove that overly fancy signature.

  27. This critique seems very sloppy to me, I don't know what it is but I feel like the shadows are just a bit odd literally the whole video


  29. If you critique other photographs than make sure that your video is made professional – looks like you filmed this on an iPhone. But the critique itself is mostly well done! I agree to most of the photos but you’re sometimes to negative :-).

  30. So you’re saying Peter Lik gave in to pier pressure?

  31. what's the maximum amount of points that they can give? 5? Some of pics were sooo nice and they gave them only 3's or something like this, they're worth more I think.

  32. whats up with your love for water and rocks?

  33. Most of the pictures are overly perfect.
    It is tacky, to put in a "little" too much Lightroom technique.

  34. At 36:30 is famous Cappadocia, Turkey. For sure the photo was taken from the balloon. Regards

  35. is this some kind of joke? photography is an art and you RATE IT? plus one of the guy in the cap is obsessed with some guy called elijah?? what a sad wast age of my data! bunch of losers and sad that people send thier pics to be rated rofl! all the best

  36. Why does everyone keep calling it 'PhotoMatRix'?
    It's PHOTOMATIX……………NO 'R'.

  37. the black and white shot on Singapore was taken and showcased by millions of photographers in Singapore. Is a very common shot

  38. star trails are cheezy to be sure – don't agree with hat guy at all – the other fella has much better taste

  39. It doesn't look HDR at all – the Stonehenge shot that is – I agree with the bloke who liked it – seemed to me quite natural, nice long exposure with an ND filter most likely….follows the rule of thirds, very well executed to be sure

  40. so here i go:
    everything with an intrusive watermark gets automatically a -2 from me.
    all watermarks are intrusive.
    a watermark that's bigger than the subject is a -10 from me.

    stop watermarking.

  41. Looks like second image is from Dolomites

  42. 🌟 Really enjoyed your video! πŸ™Œ πŸ’˜

  43. The long exposure of the winding road, arent car light exposures cliched more than stonehenge? and the sky is about as over saturated as the bridge? and the horizon isnt even level, the whole picture is noticeable askew. How did this get a 3, let alone a 4?

  44. The second shot (with the winter night shot at 5:51 ) is from northern Italy on Seiser Alm (the mountains in the middle of the frame are Langkofel and Plattkofel). Sunrise from this perspective would be on the left side of the frame / sunset light would come from the right behind side

  45. Question: How do you guys feel about hour+ star trail shots? I've taken a few that my customers and I like a lot….

  46. Fstoppers, I was about to subscribe to your channel, but based on this video I will never do that. Not objective, not sticking to your points or values from image to image…

  47. The PIP is distracting and unnecessary

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