Camera trap Gear Guide for Wildlife Photography | DSLR Camera Trap 102


  1. Hi Tom, just a couple of question
    First does the piece of tape needs to cover all pins ? if not could you show a picture of wich pins it needs to cover.
    Also I just put up my first camera trap ,at first everything was working well but it seems that after a very short while or when there was a lot of activity I had two flashes ( 2 sb-28s) not firing or only one was firing at a time .
    Was it because there was too much activity and the flashes needed to charge up again?
    Because I had the system working only on one shot at a time and not continous . Also It is important to note that I was in very cold weather -20 to -30 celsuis and the cables to link the flashes that I am using are the sc-19 and not the sc-27 since I couldnt find the 27 anywhere (but heard both were the same except the color) . I had 533 shots and the camera and sensor worked for 14 days ( with the camera dying first). The flashes and sensors seemed to still have battery life left in them but started to malfunction on the very first night ! and In the last day where picture where taken the flashes where rarely firing !
    Also what king of battery AA batteries would you recommend for the flashes and sensors !
    Thank you and thanks for the great videos !

  2. Hi, great stuff, I've been playing with little trail cameras all summer, now keen to move up and trap with my slrs. Your videos are truly inspiring, one little tech question, which is the ground pin on the as10 ?

    Thanks, Colin

  3. Hi Tom, great videos. Please could you recap precisely the adaption of the AS-10 for the last flash, & also which is the ground pin to tape on the camera connector? Thanks

  4. Can we godox speedlights instead of nikon sb 28?

  5. What about canon gear ?

  6. what exactly are you putting the tape over on the ttl cord?

  7. Great video. I am using a Canon T2i with Nikon 28's. When buying a Commlite trigger, should I get the Canon or the Nikon triggers? Thanks.

  8. finally managed to watch this vid and loved it – now i cant wait to see more 😉

  9. hi there loved the video you obviously done your research, if i buy your ebook does it explain how to solder the as10's so i can use hardwired flash with minimum battery life, many thanks !!

  10. Great video but the color grading seems a bit dull/cold/unnatural. Loving the series though haha

  11. Tom, have you/Terry Whitaker thought about using Rotalight Neo 2s as the remote flash units instead of speedlights? I have contacted Rotalight and from what I understand, the Neo 2s can be wirelessly controlled using their wireless transmitter which would do away with all the cabling issues. The Neo 2s have no wake up time nor recycle time which is one of the issues with using speedlights. I could not, however, get to the bottom of the standby time or power output of the Neo 2s compared with speedlights, online reports suggest the Neo 2s give approximately a quarter the output of a speedlight which may not be an issue. I have not been able to get my hands on a Neo 2 to test, I did ask Rotalight on the basis that the Neo 2s could be very popular with camera trappers but with no success, and wondered if WEX could lend you a couple to test.

  12. Would using the trap to fire a flash, and a lightning trigger to fire the camera be too silly?

  13. Doesn't the animals get scared by all the flashes

  14. Hello Tom, thank you for the great info about cam trapping. I've been using sb 28 flashes on my camera trap for the last year or so and am finding that after a few months of continuous use in the field they malfunction and can only output a full power pulse only. Even when i select 1/16th power they still output a full power flash, any fix for this you know of? All the best and keep those videos coming. 😉

  15. interesting and informative

  16. I'm REALLY enjoying this series…Excellent job….it's inspiring me to try this myself

  17. Super nice video, very interesting to understand your process and way to think. I subscribe ! Thanks for the video !

  18. Man, this is a fantastic video. Incredibly informative. Thank you.

  19. Very interesting Tom you certainly know your stuff, just a question regarding vr if its ok In one of your other videos you said you set your shutter speed to 1250 would you turn vr off when hand holding at that speed.

  20. I’m very impressed with the cases, can you secure them so they or their contents won’t be nicked?

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