Best DSLR Settings for Video


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  2. Love this! I finally figured out why LED’s are blinking…because I’m a novice and never knew the rule of FPS and shutter speed. Thank you!

    Any videos about external mics and how to get sound quality spot on, even in windy situations?

  3. Really good tips and well explained. Thanks.

  4. Great tips. Finally, a one stop shop for what I need.

  5. What is a good resolution to set to edit on Kinemaster?

  6. IDK what happened at 8 minutes

  7. What software do you use to edit and for the effects? Thanks

  8. What if you wanted to use 1.8 or 1.4 in an outdoor situation and you can't control the amount of light? Do you, personally, use lens filters?

  9. Great! But ur face isn’t matching the rest of ur body’s skin tone 🤨

  10. my biggest challenge is to make video at night

  11. ok need some help, i have a Canon t5 EOS and im using a Sandisk Extreme Plus 2kUHD SDHC 90mb/s class 10 32gb when recording on the top 2 highest quality settings, it seems to stop automatically recording after 12-15min of record time. Is there a way to by pass this? I feel I have the right card for this high quality recording

  12. Hey i hope all is great brother. Im having a hard time loading my vids. I am a barber and i want to post more vids of my work. I own a t7i and for some reason it takes for eveerrrrr. Sometimes the battery to the camera dies before the video uploads to my phone. What would you suggest? Ive even recorded in bits n pieces to get 1 60sec vid. Maybe its my settings? Idk

  13. GREAT VIDEO!! I am completely new to video production and editing. I am currently using a Canon T3i w/ 50mm lense for my videos and using IMOVIE as my editing. My videos look really great on my computer screen and after they have been edited. However the problem happens when I upload them to Social Media ex; Facebook. The quality does not come out how it is on my computer and it is really frustrating. What can be going wrong? Thanks in advance!

  14. Hey Sean,
    Thank you for creating this video. It confirmed that I’m doing some things right but my challenge is in locking down my shot after everything is set up. I spend hours getting everything set up ( including having my 82 yr old mom sit in as my double) and when I turn off the camera, everything goes back to fuzz! I know that people who crank out videos regularly don’t spend hours setting up their shot every time. It’s such a terrible use of time and so frustrating! I use a Canon T6i, 50 mm lens, and have lots of good lighting. I’d appreciate any feedback you might have for me and again, AWESOME video!👍🏼❤️👍🏼❤️😀😀😀

  15. This was a great help.
    I use to do a lot of video many years ago on my Canon XH-A1 tape based media, back when YouTube was still young. I shot manual mode setting the Frame Rate, Shutter Speed and F Stop manually on a fixed lens (Canon L series 20x zoom). I took a break from filming for around 6 years and stepping forward to now, I have that twinkly to go play with cameras again but what a change in the industry it's been in the last 6 years.

    Where now shooting on DSLR cameras so it is a new learning curve for me. I got a Canon 6D for a good price so now I have to get myself up to speed on shooting manual setting on a DSLR. I understand Frame Rate, Shutter Speed and Aperture settings but setting the ISO is new to me, so this video helps me get a starting point. Loving this solid state media, way better than capturing to tape and way quicker transferring to PC.

    I am also loving the interchangable lens (although expensive), plus the greater DOF you get from the bigger image sensor as well as better low light. I am considering making my next camera a Canon C100 which comes with inbuilt ND and audio to XLR, a must for me. What are your thoughts on the C100?

  16. Have you done a video on which light to use?


  18. Is this meant for any quality camera or specifically?

  19. I don't understand how people vlog with a dslr. Just from holding my rebel t6i to test the settings and holding it in front of me my arm was not happy. Excited to get my GoPro in a few days.

  20. Your videos are so helpful. Thank you!!!!

  21. What about the focus setting? Single shot? Multi shot? Manual focus?

  22. Great tutorial for me to know

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